Glöet® is here again!

The sparkling glogg Glöet® is here again and bringing fun to the winter season. International Wine & Spirit Competition awarded Glöet with a Silver award and for that we are grateful. Taste the difference yourself and share the fun.

Also taste the new Glöet White® – a light sparkling white sangria, that you can enjoy over ice and with a leaf of mint to garnish.

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The Story of Glöet

It all started when a group of Finnish innovators came together with a leading wine connoisseur and an awarded Spanish wine producer and set out to develop a product that would become the new hit Christmas season drink. Combining sparkling wine with traditional Scandinavian glogg spices they created Glöet®. A crispy sparkling wine, with flavors of orange, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and raisin.

“The flavor is open and full of sweet berries. You can find the fragrances of cinnamon, ginger, orange, strawberry and lemon. The taste is semi-dry that echoes the fragrances, with fresh orange and sweet spices. Perky bubbles add acidity, making the wine balanced and lively, regardless of the semi-dryness. The after taste is cinnamon and other seasonal spices that last”, says Antti Rinta-Huumo, the wine connoisseur of Wine Magazine of Finland.

Now we are proud to introduce our next bottle of sparkling fun. Glöet White® is fresh, aromatized sparkling white sangria, that has flavors of yuzu, orange and lemon. While traditional sangrias can be too sweet and conventional sparkling wines have too much alcohol, Glöet White® is a crispy fresh sparkling summer wine, ready to be enjoyed over ice and with a leaf of mint to garnish.

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